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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling July Marathon: "Hustler" Rip Rogers


He is brash and you do not ever need to wonder what he is thinking; he will tell you in no uncertain terms. He has a grasp of wrestling psychology that few have and he still teaches it today.  If you follow him on Twitter, you know that still to this day, he thinks about wrestling and what can make it better.  

He gives solid advice to young wrestlers, but why? Because "Hustler" Rip Rogers worked all over the country including spending his early career working with "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Rip was in demand by everyone because he was in shape and was a super entertaining hand. Starting out in bodybuilding, working a solid career and ultimately ending up as a trainer affiliated with WWE for many years, Rogers was a great gimmick too.

Karl first saw Rogers in Southeastern Wrestling working a junior heavyweight program with Johnny Rich and later working against people like Dutch Mantell in Memphis. He had a big and entertaining feud with Adrian Street in Continental and then spent quite a bit of time in WCW working both in the ring and behind the scenes. Later, he worked in one of the farm territories for WWE in the era prior to the developmental center. 

Today, the DragonKingKarl classic wrestling July marathon takes a look at "Hustler" Rip Rogers.

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