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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling July Marathon: Mike Jackson


Photo of Tony LeDue, Pat Rose, and Mike Jackson by Karl Stern

If you watched WTBS-17 Georgia Championship wrestling or NWA World Championship Wrestling later, you saw the fiery underdog Mike Jackson week after week.  In fact, many of the enhancement workers you saw on those shows were booked by Jackson.

Mike played a very important role in the territorial era of wrestling, promoting, and booking undercard talent. A tremendous in-ring worker, many workers of that era, including legends like Ric Flair, praised Mike's work. 

Jackson worked many major promotions during the 1980s including Georgia Championship Wrestling, Mid-South (later UWF), Southeastern (later Continental), Florida, and Mid-Atlantic. He even worked for WWF when they came south of the Mason-Dixon line. Mike was a great worker who had a role in wrestling and an important one -- even if that role didn't mean fighting for world titles often.

Karl got to work around Mike a lot in the 1990s when he was king of the indy scene in the Deep South and learned a lot about how to promote the right way by watching him.  Starting out in the 1970s working for Nick Gulas and still working until this day, Jackson has seen many eras of wrestling come and go. 

On today's edition of the Karl Stern July Classic Wrestling marathon, learn all about Mike Jackson.

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