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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Marathon: Mr. Enhancement Worker


They are the guys who get destroyed by your favorite stars. In years past, enhancement matches were a staple of pro wrestling. Many big stars got their starts putting over the wrestlers of their era and many were forever destined to be in the roll of staring at the lights.

Today, Karl Stern will talk about many of your favorite enhancement wrestlers or jobbers in the old time vernacular. From Barry Horowitz, to Steve Lombardi, to Randy Barber, he tries to cover a lot of the underdogs.

This month, July Classic Wrestling Marathon host Karl Stern has already taken a look at some of the lesser known talents in the business whose job (literally) was to make the stars look like, well, stars.

Arn Anderson started out that way, Mike Jackson was tremendous in the role, and now Karl looks at a variety of others. Some were better than others. Some were so bad they were good. And some were so good that they had longevity in the business in that role and worked many different territories.  

Some of them even got pushes in other areas like Iron Mike Sharpe and Barry "Jack Hart" Horowitz, among others.  

Join Karl Stern as he takes a look at the wrestlers who made the stars.

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