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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Show: A longform history of pro wrestling, pt. 4


Your host Karl Stern (also of When It Was Cool) presents the fourth part in a long series covering the chronological history of pro wrestling.

Still in the Pioneer Era, we meet Richard K. Fox, a hugely important figure in wrestling history, and Col. James H. McLaughlin kills another man. Additionally, we get thoughts on newly found 1981 Southeastern wrestling footage and the forgotten greatness of Randy Rose.

On this episode:

  • Karl takes us through 1981 NWA Southeastern Championship Wrestling footage which turned up on YouTube including the dominace of Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose before they were known as the Midnight Express.  Karl discusses how Rose is really overlooked for his part in the history of that team.
  • The great Kurt Brown supplies an article outing wrestling as fake back in 1844.
  • Then, we get into the longform history looking at Fox and the National Police Gazette, the birth of Frank Gotch, and the aforementioned McLaughlin continuing his streak of terror and dominace until he runs into James Owens.
  • The history of pro wrestling's first major national singles championship: the American heavyweight title.

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