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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Show: A longform history of pro wrestling, pt. 5


Karl Stern's history of pro wrestling series continues into the 1880s and this show gets into some really interesting characters like William Muldoon, Viro Small, and Clarence "The Kansas Demon" Whistler. Wait until you find out about Whistler. Your modern heels know nothing.

Topics covered on this episode:

  • The mailbag is dead for now so Karl jumps straight into the longform history of pro wrestling series with part five.
  • Viro Small was one of the first national African American wrestlers at a high level. Small also did some boxing and new details about Small's life are talked about.
  • The rise of "The Solid Man of Sport" William Muldoon is discussed.
  • Richard K. Fox buys the National Police Gazette.
  • Muldoon makes himself a career rival in Clarence "The Kansas Demon" Whistler.
  • A lot of new information about one of the most interesting figures in wrestling history -- Clarence Whistler. He was an original heel and maybe one of the greatest heels ever. He also may or may not have eaten a champagne bottle one time.

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