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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Show: Manhattan Opera Tournament

Mort Henderson.JPG

Pictured: Mort "Masked Marvel" Henderson

Good grief Charlie Brown has Karl Stern got a show for you today. If you thought goofy gimmicks and outlandish Memphis-style wrestling was a 1970s southern invention, then let me introduce you to the 1915 Manhattan Opera House International Tournament. This tournament featured masked men, an investigative newspaper, a hypnotist gimmick, and much more.

Topics covered on this week's show --

  • Frank Gotch is still the unbeaten World Champion but is dodging new "World Champion" Joe Stecher.
  • Joe Stecher wins a version of the World Championship and repeatedly challenges Frank Gotch.
  • Ed "Strangler" Lewis uses some weird Scott Steiner math to declare himself World Champion also.
  • The International Tournament takes place at the Manhattan Opera House and it rivals a Saturday morning edition on CWA Memphis wrestling in absolute gimmickry.
  • A wrestler debuts a gimmick using mind control to break holds.
  • The Masked Marvel drives a newspaper crazy.
  • The mystery of Alexander Aberg.

This is a packed edition of the DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Show, so check it out!

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