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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Show: One Man Gang/Akeem biography

Karl Stern looks at the life and times of the memorable big man.
One Man Gang/Akeem

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On a new biography episode of the DragonKing Classic Wrestling Show, I look back at the territorial era monster One Man Gang who later had his gimmick changed to the regrettable Akeem in WWF.

Starting out with the outlaw promotions and then Angelo Poffo's ICW, OMG ended up getting huge pushes in Florida, World Class, Mid-South/UWF (where he was their champion), and ultimately in the WWF where he had a run against Hulk Hogan before settling into a tag team with Big Boss Man. Before he retired, he also had a couple of runs in WCW (where he won the U.S. title) and Japan. 

Let's talk about the One Man Gang, aka George Gray.

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