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DragonKingKarl Classing Wrestling Marathon: Ron Fuller

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Many people mistakenly believe that the "Tennessee Stud" was Robert Fuller (AKA: Col. Rob Parker) since Robert and his cousin Jimmy Golden were active during the cable TV era and the end of the territories.  

Together Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden were known as The Stud's Stable but the original Stud's Stable had actually existed long before. The first version of the stable was managed by Ron Fuller and included people like Arn Anderson, Lord Humongous, and others. 

The original Tennessee Stud was the 6'9" older brother Ron Fuller.

Fuller was a businessman who bought out territories and ran a huge geographic area from the Ohio River to the Gulf Coast. He owned the Nashville hockey team and made it successful in a region of the country where hockey had no foothold. 

He wrestled multiple NWA world champions for the title and was a member of the NWA Board of Directors.

So why have so few people heard about Ron Fuller? In today's show we will look at the man who could look Andre the Giant in the eyes, the Tennessee Stud Ron Fuller.

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