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DragonKingKarl Show: Mail bag! Continental Wrestling talk and Dawn of Justice RAGE!


DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Audio Show: Mailbag show... sort of. I take a few mailbag questions but talk a little bit about Continental wrestling. Why I like Lucha Underground and I actually have good things to say about Vince Russo... sort of! Also on this show is my review of Batman vs Superman DAWN OF JUSTICE! I suppose I should spoiler warn this review but it is more of a complete evisceration of this CRAP of a movie than a spoiler filled review.  Even if I do spoil it for you you'll probably thank me for it.

On this show:

  • July Classic Wrestling Marathon content.
  • The evolution of wrestling isn't what it seems. How VINCE RUSSO may have been on the right track... sort of.
  • Lucha Underground love.
  • Superfans from ECW, Jim Crockett, and other promotions.
  • Continental tape library.
  • More late starters in pro wrestling.
  • The Iron Sheik.
  • Jerry Jarrett and other promoters as a pro wrestler.
  • Then a possibly spoiler filled RAGE at the terrible Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice movie.  The worst thing you ever saw.

(Continental Wrestling photo of Mr. Wrestling II, The Bullet, and Scott Armstrong by Karl Stern)

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