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DragonKingKarl Show: Mail bag! Free! Pioneer era, plus Demolition, WWE HOF

DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Audio Show: FREE EDITION! Tell your friends! Today is a mailbag show with a wide range of questions and topics including:

  • The pioneers of wrestling what referees were in the days of Frank Gotch, Ed "Strangler" Lewis, and Joe Stecher.  The conversation also includes how state atheletic commissions played into things during the pioneer era and how wrestling pioneer William Muldoon figured into things.
  • Why is Demolition not in the WWE Hall of Fame?  Despite being one of the longest reigning tag teams in WWF/WWE history, Demolition has been all but erased from the record books.  They are viritually never mentioned.  Well, that's not entirely true.  Demoltion Smash (Barry Darsaw) has been brought back for a few projects and even an appearance as the Repo Man so I tell you why that might be and how it probably also includes a member of the Moondogs.
  • There is a great and super informative email about the drawing power of Jim Londos defending him as legitimately one of the biggest draws in wrestling history.  I learned a lot myself from this one.

This is a free show today so tell your friends to give it a listen!  If you would like to order a Super Stern Stick Flashdrive please check out my website

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