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DragonKingKarl Show: Paul Heyman hypocrisy, mailbag, wrestling history


Photo of Mike Jackson selling his "broken shoulder" by Karl Stern

This is the first of two mailbag heavy shows with a broad range of questions and topics. Email your questions for the next mailbag show now!

On this show, topics and questions include:

- Undisputed world heavyweight champions including champions from the past such as Ed "Strangler" Lewis and Frank Gotch and how the world title split into various championships

- Paul Heyman hypocrisy and a very good question on whether or not he is getting a free pass from journalists

- Promoting indy shows in the 1990s and who was a pleasure to work with

- The most insane publication, maybe in history, the National Police Gazette...and much more!  

This show literally has something from everyone from the Civil War era to today, hitting almost every era in between. When you can talk about wrestlers as diverse as Frank A. Gotch, Shane Douglas, Mike Jackson, Demolition, and Verne Gagne, that is a great show!

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