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DragonKingKarl Show: Mailbag! WrestleMania 8, Sid Justice, Hulk Hogan


DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Audio Show: Mailbag question and answer part two. Second show of the week. On this show, host wrestling historian Karl Stern, answers more questions and addresses topics on old school classic pro wrestling history and more including:

  • WWF WrestleMania 8 and the two botched finishes on the show and the return of the Ultimate Warrior and fate of Sid Justice and Hulk Hogan.
  • We talk more about the hypocrisy of strong style wrestling and ECW.
  • Jimmy Valiant and Boogie Woogie Man's place on the card and his crazy opponents.
  • What were The Road Warriors (Hawk and Animal) doing at WrestleMania 8?
  • The Massive difference between WWF and NWA (WCW) during that era and the Dangerous Alliance.
  • Plus a follow up on the topic of strong style wrestling and much more!

Photo of Jimmy Valiant by Karl Stern.

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