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Fight Game: Pro wrestling week in review

John and GG are back with a makeup weekend show talking about the week in pro wrestling, the return of WarGames, and AEW's Bay Area debut.
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John LaRocca and I are back with a weekend episode of the Fight Game Podcast.

I explain why we didn't have our normal show earlier in the week. And then we go into the full pro wrestling week in review and hit on some of the following:

  • My live attendance at WWE RAW in San Jose
  • The best and worst of AEW Dynamite
  • Why Trina didn't mean a whole lot to wrestling fans
  • What didn't work for us when it came to Rampage's booking
  • The best pro wrestling segment all week opening up SmackDown
  • WarGames returning
  • AEW in the Bay Area

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