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Fight Game: The new Hit Row, AEW Dynamite, wrestling media discussion

Under The Ring's Phil Strum also drops by to talk wrestling media and the HHH creative takeover.
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John LaRocca and I are back with another episode of the Fight Game Podcast.

Before we do our AEW Dynamite review, we talk about one of our favorite acts from WWE NXT: Hit Row. We have slightly different opinions on how they'll do on the main roster without Swerve Strickland in the group.

Then, we review AEW Dynamite and specifically the following:

  • The two segments with Jon Moxley and CM Punk and why they may be having a match next week on TV
  • Daniel Garcia and Bryan Danielson having one of the best TV matches of the year
  • The frustration with Gunn Club turning on their dad becoming a comedy segment
  • Jungle Boy's long segment with Christian
  • Kenny Omega's return with an interesting twist

After the Dynamite review, I interview Phil Strum, host of the Under The Ring podcast. Phil has a background in news so we talk about wrestling media before digging into thoughts about WWE's creative under Triple H so far, what we'd like to see out of NXT, and what it could mean for Ring of Honor as well.

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