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Aug 23 Figure Four Daily: Oliver Copp talks the most famous episodes of Tough Talk, how the show started with Mike Sawyer, UFC to FOX, WWE storylines, traveling to watch wrestling and MMA, owning almost 250 of the same shirt, more

Figure Four Daily with Bryan Alvarez returns today with the latest installment of our HOSTS SERIES with special guest, Oliver Copp of Tough Talk with Copp & Mike Sawyer! So much to discuss including the history of the show, the most famous episodes, the show that got them great heat with UFC brass, how they pulled a UFC fighter out of his shell for the first and only time, and more. Plus discussion of UFC in Rio, UFC to FOX, WWE once HHH takes over for real, trips to OVW and TNA, Alberto Del Rio and the CM Punk angle, and tons more. A great show with Oliver, and Tough Talk is FREE with your subscription, so check it all out!

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