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Classic Audio: July 4, 2014 Las Vegas Convention Show


For many members of the Empire, July 4th weekend isn’t just about celebrating America’s independence. For 10 years running, it has signaled the arrival of the F4W convention where members of the community gather with Dave and Bryan to eat food, watch the UFC events, and throw rapid fire questions to pick Dave’s brain.

I was fortunate enough to attend in 2012, 2013, and 2014 where I met a ton of amazing people who I now call friends. If you listen to Bryan plug the event each year but are convinced you wouldn’t fit in, or wouldn’t have a good time, I encourage you to attend if at all possible. The community is made up of some of the most welcoming, warm hearted people on this planet. You will make friends for life, and some fantastic memories. With UFC moving its version of Wrestlemania to the weekend after July 4, the convention has shifted one week later. The atmosphere, however, remains the same.

This week’s classic audio is a look back at the first recorded convention suite show, with Bryan talking to Dave, Dr. Lucha, Granny and more to discuss highlights of the weekend’s extravaganza. The suite party is always a highlight of the weekend with Ed booking a big enough space for the entire group to hang out together late into the night.

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