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December 11 2006 Figure Four Daily

We're back with another brand new Figure Four Daily this afternoon with special guest Diamond Dallas Page, former WWE star and multi-time WCW Champion. We'll discuss his lawsuit with Jay-Z over the Diamond cutter sign and why it came about, his thoughts on the departure of Big Show from WWE, what it was like traveling with Big Show back in the day, whether he ever saw Big Show do a moonsault at the Power Plant, who came up with the idea for the Diamond Cutter sign (I would not have guessed in a hundred years), his thoughts on Brian Pillman and the last time they spoke, getting out of speeding tickets while in WCW, insight on some of his biggest matches including versus Goldberg and Sting, scripting matches, why wrestlers should film their matches, his YRG workout plan, his new audiobook project called "Own Your Life", keys to dieting, his movie work (he did this show on location from Nimibia off the coast of South Africa where he's shooting a film with Wesley Snipes), thoughts on Steve Austin's Condemned film (he's seen a rough cut), and tons more. Over an hour and a half with DDP~!

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