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December 6 2006 Figure Four Daily

Karl Stern is back today to discuss the future of Dragon King Wrestling! Now that's he out of the business, he also has a number of stories to tell about all sorts of folks including Devon Storm, Manny Fernandez and the time he beat up an indy worker, Buddy Landell, meeting the Iron Sheik, Ken Timbs, dudes in this business who get it including Paul Bearer, Dan Severn, Dennis Condrey, Brickhouse Brown, Adrian Street and Jimmy Golden, dude in the business who don't get it including Bill Dundee, Kamala, Buff Bagwell and Rick Steiner, dudes in the business often accused of being jerks who are actually really nice, including Jerry Lawler and Dusty Rhodes, dudes who are accused of being jerks who really are jerks, and tons more. Plus, a special shout-out to Dave Meltzer for all his years of help. YOU HAVE NOT HEARD THE LAST OF KARL. We've also got a pre-interview news update with the latest on the newest head-to-head wrestling war that will start next year.

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