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F4W's Best Of 2016 audio compilation, part three


Thanks to some of our intrepid Board members, the third part of the Best of 2016 audio compilation is here for your audio pleasure.

The following are standout audio clips suggested by subscribers from the hundreds and hundreds of hours of audio.

In this two-hour segment taking clips from the Bryan and Vinny Show, Wrestling Observer Live, Wrestling Observer Radio, Dr. Keith Presents, Josh Nason's Punch-Out, Dragon King Dark, and Filthy Four Daily:

25: Justin's Jerry Lawler Routine (Tramp O'Lean) Leads Directly into the Hogan-Gawker Breaking News -- 18 Mar DKP
24: Chael Sonnen Shares a Joke -- 17 Mar JNPO
23: B&V&C Are the Hart Foundation/Wrestling Fans Should Shower -- 7 May BVS
22: Selling Like Wile E. Coyote -- 24 May WOR
21: WWE 2K17 Breaks Bryan -- 13 Oct BVS
20: Corpse Eating Cats and Killer Beer Drinking Bears -- 24 Apr DKD 
19: Tom's Linda McMahon/Donald Trump Rap -- 14 Dec F4D
18: The Halloween Song Contest -- 27 Oct  BVS
17 Mike's Reaction to Shane McMahon at Survivor Series -- 8 Nov WOL
16: Rufus vs. Polazzio -- 30 Jun BVS
15: Goldberg, Not Goldust/I Would, Like, Know the President -- 15 Nov WOR
14: Tweeting at Ken Jennings About Tugboat -- 25 Aug DKP
13: Tell Me a Lie/Bret Hart’s C**k -- 9 Feb BVS
12: Jordan Breen Describes Pro Wrestling to Non-Wrestling Fans -- 16 Dec 2015 JNPO
11: Mark's Royal Rumble Summary (What Are We Doing With Our Lives, Man?)/The Mark Song -- 24 Jan BVS, 31 Jan BVS

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