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Figure Four Online Best of 2020, pt. 1: Jim Valley, Dave's stopwatch, more


The Figure Four Online best of 2020 audio compilation shows have arrived.

Hear some of the best clips from the past year's Wrestling Observer Radio, Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan & Vinny, Filthy Four Daily and more.

In this first installment, hear #35-50:

50. Jim Valley 4, Death 0
49. Jerry Seinfeld and Jerry Sunka/Granny Tells Jokes/So Whatever/Rod Van Dam
48. Tom Recites Braun Strowman Promos
47. Vince Fires You and Nobody Else, and the Earth Isn't Flat
46. Brent Hangs Up on Bryan
45. Can You Book an Uber to the North Pole?
44. Gifts Cards / I'll Call Her Shyra / Omeyga vs. San Diego
43. Killer Khan Sings Karaoke
42. Dave's Stopwatch
41. Don Callis, You Can F*ck Right Off!
40. Cornerman Says the Dumbest Sh*t/Just Throw the Towel In, Already
39. Undertaker's Gravy-est Matches
38. Karaoke With Tom
37. The Greatest Match Of All Time
36. Lance Storm's Answering Machine
35. Rob Forgets to Hit Record

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