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Figure Four Online Best of 2020, pt. 2: MJF, Bryan vs. spider, the Piper bounty


The Figure Four Online best of 2020 audio compilation shows have arrived.

Hear some of the best clips from the past year's Wrestling Observer Radio, Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan & Vinny, Filthy Four Daily and more.

In this second installment, hear #34-14:

34. MJF Takes Over the Jericho Cruise Q&A
33. Instead Of Killing Him, They Gave Him Some Sort Of Honor
32. Tom Drives Bryan Insane With a Hogan Recap and the NWO Theme
31. Semp Ethers Scurll
30. Vinny, Granny, and Tom Turn Into Robots
29. Bryan Versus the Spider
28. How Can People Jump Off the Cage Onto These Metal Tables and Not End Up Dead?
27. The Beach at the Ocean vs. the Beach at the Lake/Calvin Tankman/Spiders and Abrupt Goodbyes
26. Remembering Crazy Wayne/Al Snow's Website
25. Granny's Garbage / I'm Not 91!
24. What's A Fucking Ring Made Out of Brass Anyway?
23. Kentucky, the Man Behind the State
22. Fat People Can't Eat Fruit
21. My 10-Year-Old Daughter Knows More About Coronavirus Than the Governors of Florida and Georgia
20. Tommy Rich's Dog
19. Dave, What Are You, F*ckin' 80 Years Old and F*ckin' Still Lookin' Jacked Over Here?
18. The Halloween Song Contest
17. Roddy Piper, John Nord, and a Bounty on Bryan
16. Dogs vs Housekeepers/Spaghetti Is Hard
15. Bryan Accepts His Award For Best Wrestling Book
14. Is Seth Rollins Doing His Job Well?

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