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Figure Four Online Best of 2020, pt. 3: Undertaker's Cameo for Granny


The Figure Four Online best of 2020 audio compilation shows have arrived.

Hear some of the best clips from the past year's Wrestling Observer Radio, Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan & Vinny, Filthy Four Daily and more. (Thanks to subscriber PL Perez for his great work!)

In this final installment, hear these top 13 moments of the year:

13. Elvis vs. The Beatles (Dave Gets Double Detention)
12. Karl's Warrior Impersonation/Wankfest/Pilloried
11. The Egg Beaters
10. Undertaker's Cameo/Granny's Will/Upside-Down Dropkicks and Butt Bangs
9. Bahamian Workers and the Gimmicked Bowling Lane/Bryan's Hair
8. General Tau's Chicken
7. A Murderer's Row of Callers
6. Joel Osteen at the Super Bowl
5. Arctic Snowballs
4. How Do Old People Watch This Show?
3. The Dumbest Things Bryan Ever Did In Wrestling
2. The Final Monday Night Wars Review
1. Jim Valley 5, Death 0

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