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Figure Four Online top 50 podcast moments of 2021, part 1


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The Figure Four Online top 50 podcast moments from 2021 shows have arrived. Hear some of the best clips from the past year's Wrestling Observer Radio, Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan & Vinny, Filthy Four Daily and plenty more.

In this first installment, hear moments 37 through 50 as voted by our listeners. Thanks to subscriber Philippe Perez for putting this together as he does every year.

50. Bryan vs. apes getting vaccinated
49. The Jon Moxley intro ("you caught me at a hell of a time")
48. Flyin' Bryan P
47. Granny reviews Sharmell vs. Jenna
46. Eddie, Honolulu, and RICM's brother, Bradley
45. Bryan's worst attempt at math in history
44. Karl sings "We Are The World" and does a Dory Funk impersonation
43. Who is Jose?
42. Dave tries to find a piece of paper
41. Craig recreates Steve Austin's belly laugh/Hello Canadian police
40. DDP Page/Diamond Dallas Page vs. Macho Man Randy Travis
39. Reviewing TNA's first show on Spike with F4W's original mics
38. Chico El Luchador, MJF & Jim Valley cut promos on the Christmas Show
37. Ruby Soho is stuck in Dave's head

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