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Figure Four Online's best of 2019 audio, part 1


In the past year, our website produced 1100 podcasts over 12 different shows. Thanks to subscriber Philippe Perez and voting on The Board, we present part one of the Best of 2019 podcast series for free, looking at some of the best segments, discussions, bits, and more. 

In this two-hour kickoff, we run through #33-#50 with stops at the Bryan & Vinny Show, Filthy Four Daily, Wrestling Observer Radio, and Wrestling Observer Live.

50. The Wintner
49. Granny Buries Bryan's Book
48. What An Easter Egg
47. Karl Reviews Heroes Of Wrestling
46. The Kat vs Harvey Whippleman/Nobody Will Miss Michael Cole When He's Gone
45. Rob Loses Control Of The Camera
44. Dave Meets a 75-Year-Old Japanese Baba Fan
43. Sean Waltman Tells The Story Of Rolando Vera
42. Shit In A Cell
41. The List of 2004 WWE Rejects
40. Bryan Plays With His Buzzer/Wild Boar and Primate/The Wrong Orange Cassidy/The Undertaker Guilt Trip/Hit & Run
39. Paisley Has the Same Birthday as Ricky Steamboat
38. Yeah, Kane
37. Dumbass Callers/Bryan Unplugs The Phone
36. Kota Ibushi Is Ivan Drago
35. Nitro Cologne
34. Bryan Learns He's Wrestling Nick Gage/We Fucking Failed
33. Nine Inch Nails

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