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Figure Four Online's best of 2019 audio, part 3


In the past year, our website produced 1100 podcasts over 12 different shows. Thanks to subscriber Philippe Perez and voting on The Board, we present the final installment of the Best of 2019 podcast series for free, looking at some of the best segments, discussions, bits, and more. 

If you missed it, check out part one and part two.

In this podcast, we run through #1-15 with stops at the Bryan & Vinny Show, Filthy Four Daily, Wrestling Observer Radio, and Wrestling Observer Live.

15. Vince Russo's Worst Nitro
14. Yoko, Suna, and Googleman
13. Bryan Calls into WOL/I Barfed
12. Vinny Loves The Maestro
11. Dave In Tokyo
10. Seth Rollins Is a Heel and It's All the Fans' Fault
9. Dave Cheats On Bryan With Steak
8. What's With This Jon Baxley?
7. Producer Rob Takes the One Chip Challenge
6. The Waffle Joke
5. A Japanese Woman Learned the Word 'Geek' From Listening to Bryan
4. Vinny's Best Finishes Reports from 2019
3. It's The Wall Brother
2. Dave Turns 60/The Weights Talk To Dave
1. Granny Swears/Paisley Kayfabes/Spooks the Ghost Lad

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