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Flip Gordon on 'All Out', making ROH his home


By Gary Mehaffy for

All In is one of the most eagerly anticipated wrestling events of the year...unless you're Flip Gordon, who, as of this writing, still isn't booked on the show.

However, he is hosting a party in association with Pro Wrestling Tees called All Out: a pre-show event in the Sears Centre parking lot for those going to the event.

I recently spoke with Gordon on the All In show, why he hopes his "friends" that are involved with it do well, and his insight into just how hard Cody and The Young Bucks are working on the show.

Other topics included why he decided to make Ring of Honor his home promotion, why he thought he blew his 2017 tryout with them, how he combined his Army Reserve training with his wrestling dates, his work for New Japan Pro Wrestling, having the opportunity to wrestle Rey Mysterio for Northeast Wrestling, who he would love to face, and much, much more.

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