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Jonathan Gresham on Ring of Honor, being married by Nikita Koloff


By Gary Mehaffy for

On this special audio interview for the website, I talked with rising Ring Of Honor star Jonathan Gresham.

Here's a few of the topics we hit upon in our 30 minute talk:

- How he got his start in the business and what he has done to get himself to the position that he is in now, including his struggles with a promotion that refused to book him anywhere but the opening match

- His recent ROH title match with Jay Lethal at Center Stage in Atlanta and the reception it received

- Why he thinks that weight classes could be a good thing for the wrestling industry and why he likes wrestling an individual style as opposed to a hybrid style

- His ambitions in Ring Of Honor, his role there, and how they are developing new talent for the future

- How he was married to wrestler Jordynne Grace by none other than Nikita Koloff's hotel room...with wedding music played from Koloff's iPad.

Enjoy this talk by clicking below:

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