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June 7 Figure Four Daily: Former WWE writer Pete Doyle talks 2001 WWE, Rock vs. Austin, Invasion angle failure, crazy Vince and Steph, working with Cena in UPW, Taker vs. DDP, Hunter/Steph/Kurt love triangle, tons more

Figure Four Daily with Bryan Alvarez returns today with a very special show, as we're joined by IRISH PETE DOYLE to talk the biggest year in WWE history, 2001, with his thoughts as a WWE writer during that period on Rock vs. Austin, the Invasion angle and it's utter failure, DDP vs. Undertaker, what the writing system was like at the time, why he decided to quit, the toll the job took on his marriage, working with John Cena and Miz in UPW in the early 00s, Tough Enough, wacky Vince McMahon stories, Stephanie's paranoia and so much more. A fascinating and very fun show so check it out~!

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