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November 9 2006 Figure Four Daily

For those that love Dave Meltzer shows, you'll be pleased to know that today's episode is an hour and a half long, a new record! We discuss everything under the sun, including Montreal (it's the 9 year anniversary today), Dave's thoughts at the time, Eric Bischoff, what Bischoff said about Dave in the book and the reality of the situation, whether an argument can be made that Bischoff did the most damage to the wrestling business of anyone in the last 20 years, the PPV this past Sunday, the Carlito match, the women's match, TNA under Russo thus far, the WWF/WWE lawsuit, Ultimate Fighter tomorrow night and the buzz on UFC, predictions for Tito vs. Liddell, Kurt Angle being pulled from WOL and what may have happened there, a funny conversation Dave had with Vince McMahon years back, sources in wrestling, crazy differences between this business and nearly every other normal business in the world, how he stays motivated to put out two Observers a week, Ultimate Fighter and why this season sucked, Test's push in ECW, his first memories of wrestling, unmotivated WWE workers, the wacky Angle/Puder feud, and TONS more. A fantastic show!

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