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WON/F4W Best of 2018 audio, part 2


Thanks to subscriber Philippe Perez and voting on The Board, we present part two of the Best of 2018 podcast series. Here's part one if you missed it.

In this two-hour show, we go through moments 13 through 33 with stops on the Bryan & Vinny Show, Filthy Four Daily, Wrestling Observer Radio, Karl Stern, Big Audio Nightmare, and Wrestling Observer Live.

For subscribers looking to get this on their device of choice, use the F4W Classics RSS feed: 

33. The Light Bulb Disaster (B&V 7 Jan, WOL 8 Jan, B&V 9 Jan)
32. Tito Says He's Training Six Days Per Day (WOR 30 Aug)
31. Herbal Ass Treatment (B&V 14 Aug)
30. The Chair (I'm Not Going to Yank My Knob on Camera) (B&V 27 Feb)
29. Little Buddy (WOR 19 Jun)
28. Craig Goes YAHHHHHH (B&V 27 Mar)
27. Producer Rob's Botched Run-In (B&V 30 Oct)
26. Marriage Proposals (B&V 8 Feb)
25. Dave, We Gotta Talk About Conor! / Isn't He Dead? / The Flat Earth Guy / Bone Soldier Merch (WOR 1 Feb)
24. The Nitro Girls Were Dancing When Scott Steiner Comes Out to Fuck Them (B&V 16 Jan)
23. The Elephant in Mike Sempervive's House (BAN 4 Jan)
22. Minka’'s Movies (WOL 28 Oct B&V 28 Oct)
21. AC Jazz Jokes (B&V 6 Mar, B&V 30 Oct)
20. Domino's Pizza Review (FFD 29 Aug)
19. Producer Rob Wants to Watch Nitro / Wiener in a Sliding Glass Door (B&V 15 May)
18. Brent Kremen Invades The Christmas Show (B&V 24 Dec 2017)
17. Alexa, Tell Me A Love Spell / Farmer Calls Police Over Tiger in Cow Shed (DKD 18 Feb)
16. Midnight Dong (B&V 13 Nov)
15. Hello, You Cute Little Jalapeño (WOL 12 Jan)
14. RD Reynolds vs. Eric Bischoff at Starrcast (WOL 7 Sep)
13. Granny Says Hello to Facebook / Mae West Classic (B&V 13 Sep)

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