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WON/F4W Best of 2018 audio, part 3


Thanks to subscriber Philippe Perez and voting on The Board, we present the final part of the Best of 2018 podcast series. Here's part one and part two if you missed them.

In this two-hour show, we go through moments 13 through 33 with stops on the Bryan & Vinny Show, Filthy Four Daily, Wrestling Observer Radio, Karl Stern, Big Audio Nightmare, and Wrestling Observer Live.

For subscribers looking to get this on their device of choice, use the F4W Classics RSS feed: 

12. NWO Black & White Battle Royal / Michael Buffer Ring Intros (B&V 3 Apr)
11.Take One (FFD 14 Mar)
10. Granny vs. the Evil Flu / Brian vs. the Guilt Trip (B&V 22 Feb, B&V 1 Mar)
9. Flair, Hollywood Hogan, Helicopters, Florida Man, & WCW Goes Off a Cliff (B&V 13 Feb)
8. Bryan vs. Doritos / Thanksgiving Song Contest (FFD 28 Nov)
7. Is Duplex A Wrestling Word? (B&V 28 Dec 2017, B&V 5 Jan, B&V 8 Nov)
6. The Wrong Dave Meltzer (MMA Tonight 1 Feb, WOR 1 Feb)
5. Elizabeth's Testimony / Kevin Nash is a Spoon? / The Finger Poke Of Doom (B&V 2 Jan)
4. The Velveeta Dream (B&V 1 Mar, B&V 4 Mar)
3. Iceland Dick (B&V 24 Dec 2017)
2. Choppin’! (B&V 17 Dec 2017, FFD 17 Jan, FFD 24 Jan)
1. Vinny Shoot Wins a Battle Royal and Quits Wrestling (B&V 29 Mar)

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