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I Left My Wallet In Greg Polanco premiere: Vinny V


Welcome to the debut episode of I Left My Wallet In Greg Polanco with your host, Antonio "The Promise" Thomas! It's the show where the world of sports meets pro wrestling.

Join me as I talk sports with an assortment of wrestlers, wrestling personalities, and your favorite Figure Four Online hosts and personalities. I will also talk with athletes, sportswriters, analysts, and a variety of guests about their love of pro wrestling and a little sports talk too.

On my debut show for the site, I welcome our very own Vincent Verhei, aka BIG VINNY V! Most of you know him from the Bryan and Vinny Show, but he is also the assistant editor at Football Outsiders and a huge fan altogether. We talked about the impending NFL free agency season, Kirk Cousins' future employers, why Joe Flacco is the worst QB in the league, Jarvis Landry, teams to watch for in 2018, the state of Vinny's beloved Seattle Seahawks, and more relating to the current state of the NFL. 

Vinny then discusses what made him a football fan, his favorite Seahawks of all time, the amazing story of Dave Kreig, and the real reason Kevin Durant was only a Seattle Supersonic for one year.

This is a different side of Vinny that you may not be familiar with, so check it out and enjoy!

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