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I Left My Wallet In Greg Polanco: Vinny V and Flex Rumblecrunch


Image: Face Turn Photography

WrestleMania week may be over but 'I Left My Wallet In Greg Polanco' is back with a jam packed, fun filled epsiode with a smorgasbord of guests!

Join Antonio as he welcomes back Vince "Vinny V" Verhei to talk all the goings on of the NFL offseason,the trades, free agent signings, and his thoughts on the upcoming draft. Who does he think is the best free agent signing? Which moves doesn't he like? What about his hometown Seahawks? Find out all about it here as we welcome back the Empire's resident football expert to talk about the flurry of moves in the NFL since the Super Bowl.

We kick off with Antonio's om returning to wrap up the NCAA Final Four, her thoughts on the Celtics playoff chances, and her favorite Red Sox moment of the early season. She also watched Raw for the first time in months and chimes in with her thoughts on the post-Mania episode.

Finally, we are joined by Flex Rumblecrunch to talk wrestling and Starting Lineup figures. Flex is formerly one half of the Gatekeepers in EVOLVE and 1/3 of the Devestation Corporation in Chikara and he's a huge figure and sports memorabilia collector. We talk his collection of WWF Hasbros, He-Man, Starting Lineups, and finish up with talk about his beloved Miami Dolphins.

It's a little bit of everything in this sports potpourri of an episode that I know you'll enjoy!

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