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Left My Wallet: 2020 NFL & fantasy football preview with Vince Verhei


The NFL season is here and so is Left My Wallet for the second time this week.

While the first episode followed our Observer league fantasy football draft, this episode is a NFL season preview with our resident football expert, Vince Verhei of the Bryan & Vinny Show and an assistant editor with Football Outsiders.

Vinny and I discuss our fantasy football league, which players he likes and doesn't, underdrafted and overdrafted players, and more to get you primed for the fantasy season.

We then look at some of the surprise teams he thinks could emerge this NFL season and which might be a disappointment. Which highly hyped team does he think will bust? Which three win team could boom?

Tune in to a fun 2020 NFL season preview with the one and only Vince Verhei. Enjoy!

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