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Left My Wallet: AEW's Pineapple Pete


Left My Wallet is back with AEW's Pineapple Pete.

While you may only know him from his time AEW, whether it's facing Chris Jericho or cheering from the stands, he has been plying his craft around the world for over 16 years as Suge D or Sugar Dunkerton.

We talk about the inception of his Harlem Globetrotters-themed gimmick, how he incorporated basketball into his character, and his early start doing his ABA-esque persona. We then talk about Atlanta pro sports, their heartbreak in championship games, and a mini dive into the ABA. He also shares his thoughts about sports reopening and the current state of the NBA.

Finally, we discuss our love for British wrestling and he shares some of his favorites from World of Sport including some hidden gems currently working today.

It's a Southern themed show talking both the ATL and a little bit of rasslin'. 

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