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Left My Wallet: Bryan Alvarez and 'Battle of the Network Stars' watchalong


Left My Wallet returns with a double dose of sports silliness.

First, Bryan Alvarez joins the show, talking trash about our fantasy football matchup this week and to the rest of the league.

Then, I'm joined by Paul Fontaine as we bring you another watchalong at his request, this time featuring 1978's infamous "Battle of the Network Stars".

Join us as we watch Gabe Kaplan, Scott Baio, Christy McNichol, Willie Aames, Robert Conrad, GRIZZLY ADAMS, and so many more of your favorite late 70s/early 80s television favorites. While most of you weren't born yet, those that remember know the goodness that comes from these mish-moshes of network talent.

This is a fun doubleheader of fantasy football trash talk and all the gloriousness that is Gabe Kaplan in a tug of war. Enjoy!

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