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Left My Wallet: Dasher Hatfield and 49ers fandom


This week is a hat trick for fans of 'I Left My Wallet In Greg Polanco' as we round out our third show of the week with former Chikara Grand Prix and tag team champion Dasher Hatfield to talk some sports.

Dasher and I met through Chikara and quickly became BFFs through our mutual love for the San Francisco 49ers. Dasher is here to talk about their future, the NFL Draft, the wrestling fandom of San Francisco tight end George Kittle, his 76ers vs. my Celtics, the NBA playoffs, and more from the world of sports. Dasher and I also recall the time we went into enemy territory in Gillette Stadium to see our 49ers beat the New England Patriots. The former Throwback tag team member also has some cool stories of meeting some 49ers players' families at some games.

Dasher and I cap off a great week of sports talk here on a new 'Left My Wallet'.

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