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Left My Wallet: EVOLVE's Gabe Sapolsky on indie wrestling, baseball


'Left My Wallet' is back with EVOLVE VP of talent relations and creative Gabe Sapolsky!

One of the most cutting edge minds in the wrestling business of the last 25 years starts by talking about his love of baseball. The fellow New England native and I discuss our mutual love of the Red Sox growing up and the memories we have growing up with their heartache throughout the 80s and 90s.

Gabe talks about going to Fenway Park, his love of the 80s era Celtics, the magic that encapsulated Boston sports back then, and more. He then describes what endeared him to also become a fan of Philadelphia sports, the defining moment that led him to love the Phillies, his favorite player, and his excellent booking dea for making baseball more interesting and creating those can't miss pitcher vs. hitter matchups.

Gabe also discusses the huge events coming up for EVOLVE this weekend, their talented roster, and his outlook for independent wrestling in 2020.

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