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Left My Wallet free show: How former WCW star Ice Train beat COVID-19


Left My Wallet returns with a special free episode featuring former WCW star Ice Train, aka Harold Hogue.

The man with one of the greatest entrance themes ever joins the show to talk about his football career, why he didn't play in the NFL, what brought him into pro wrestling, and who are some of today's NFL stars he enjoys watching.

We also talk about his time in Europe, how much Fit Finlay meant to him in his development, his tenure in WCW and why he was his own worst enemy, why the Fire and Ice tag team with Scott Norton didn't succeed, and why he never ended up in WWE.

He then talks about his own personal battle with COVID-19 as he, along with his wife and son, became infected earlier this year. He discusses what he did to fight through it, the one technique that might have saved his life, and the message he has for listeners on what to do to be as safe as possible in today's world.

Finally, he talks about his own personal mission to break the world barbell curl record at the young age of 55!

Before our talk, Producer Rob joins the show for a quick segment to preview this years Wrestling Observer Fantasy Football League.

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