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Left My Wallet: Johnny Jeter on WWE, OVW, Cena and Brock stories


"Left My Wallet" is back again with former Spirit Squad member and OVW Thrillseeker, Johnny Jeter.

This is Johnny's first real talk since leaving WWE and now is your chance to hear about his amazing journey, road stories, his return to wrestling last week, and, of course, a little fantasy football. Join me as I chat with my good friend from WWE and OVW about drinking with Ric Flair, a great John Cena road story involving the cops, Brock Lesnar grabbing a cigarette from a 10 year old in Kentucky, working with Chris Jericho, his ups and downs in the WWE system, his return to wrestling and what prompted his return, and more.

He chronicles his time in the WWE system and how he found the love to get back in the ring. It''s over an hour of great road stories and Johnny's journey which resumed last week. Enjoy!

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