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Left My Wallet: Jonathan Snowden on Shamrock, Nash and 90s sports


'Left My Wallet' is back with noted author, Bleacher Report MMA and wrestling writer, sports fan and Kevin Nash supporter, Jonathan Snowden!

Jonathan and I have been in touch for years about our mutual loves of what we like in our pro wrestling and mixed martial arts. We are both children of the 80s and 90s, so we discuss our love for the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan, and what a special time it was for us growing up in those years.

We discuss 90s NBA and MLB, and what can be done to revive a few fledgling sports, particularly baseball. We then delve into pro wrestling as he talks about his love of Kevin Nash, what entertains him, his self admitted Twitter trolling, and who he enjoys watching today. Finally we talk about his forthcoming book on Ken Shamrock, his SHOOTERS book, noted pro wrestling shooters throughout the course of history, UWFI and Pancrase, and so much more!

All Out weekend is here, so get this stacked wrestling weekend started off right and enjoy a fun hour long chat with Jonathan Snowden.

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