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Left My Wallet: Josh Nason on baseball and the EWA


A new edition of 'I Left My Wallet in Greg Polanco' is back with special guest Josh Nason, an editor and writer for this very website as well as the host of Josh Nason's Punch-Out!

On a wide-ranging talk, Josh and I talked about how he got into liking baseball, some of his favorite Red Sox players, and why his favorite player ever isn't one of them (hint: his picture is above), fantasy baseball and the unique leagues both of us are in, and a little venting following the Celtics' loss to the Cavaliers in the NBA Eastern finals.

We wrap up with a trip down indie wrestling memory lane with the Eastern Wrestling Alliance, a group that used to be based out of Portland, ME, that both of us worked for. We remember some of the talents and the Northern New England scene in the early 2000s.

Enjoy a new 'Left My Wallet' with Josh and I now.

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