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Left My Wallet: MC Hammer and the famous Meltzer sweatshirt


Left My Wallet is back and we're talking NFL, fantasy football, and more with WOR fill-in co-host Garrett Gonzales.

Garrett talks some Bay Area sports, specifically the 49ers and Raiders. We discuss his thoughts on each team's week 1 victories and their outlook for week 2. We also talk some Observer league fantasy football, Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray, and more fantasy goodness.

Finally, Garrett tells an excellent story about MC Hammer and all about he and Dave Meltzer's trip to watch the Oakland A's play live. Garrett talks about his conversation with the A's general manager and the true story behind Dave's famed alien sweatshirt!

Check out the archives to hear my past talks with Matt Taven, Bill Apter, Sean Mooney, Conrad Thompson, and more.

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