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Left My Wallet: Mike Sempervive and Sidney Bakabella


'I Left My Wallet' is back with our very own Mike Sempervive and an unexpected run-in by manager extraordinaire Sidney Bakabella.

Mike and I start off talking about the current state of Washington sports, his disdain for the Stanley Cup winning Capitals and love of the Rangers, Alexander Ovechkin's partying, memories of AM radio baseball and WFAN, the Wizards, the Nationals and more.

During our chat, pro wrestling manager Sidney Bakabella called in and had a few choice words for a few people here at the EMPIRE~!. He also talked about Chicago sports, Jim McMahon, WrestleMania II participaint William "Refrigerator" Perry, Michael Jordan, and more.

It's a very different chat with Mike and Sidney and must be heard to be believed. It's another fun show with two of your favorite Wrestling Observer Live personalities, so enjoy!

Also, be sure to check out the archives for my talks with Dave Meltzer, Flip Gordon, Simon Diamond, Kevin Kelly, and more.

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