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Left My Wallet: 'Mr. Fun Size' Marko Stunt


'Left My Wallet' is back with the fastest rising star and hottest commodity on the independent wrestling scene at the moment: "Mr. Fun Size" Marko Stunt, fresh off his breakthrough performance last Friday night at Game Changer Wrestling.

A few topics:

- His love for video games, his favorite wrestling game of all time, and playing Fortnight

- Growing up in Mississippi, Arkansas, Indiana, and Central America as the son of a preacher, being on missions and administering shots to patients on Central America relief missions

- Traveling around the country as a member of his high school chorus

- His early training, what got him into wresting, how he got the opportunity to have the breakthrough match he did, making it into the All In Over Budget Battle Royal, getting a text from Cody Rhodes after his GCW match, and much, much more.

It's a unique, fun, and enjoyable listen and proof how a career can change in just a few hours.

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