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Left My Wallet: Observer league live fantasy football draft


"Left My Wallet" returns with the first ever Wrestling Observer Fantasy Football League live draft!

It's the inaugural season of the Observer league featuring some of your favorite personalities and show hosts from the site. Producer Rob and I called numerous owners in our league including Mike Sempervive, Garrett Gonzales, Paul Fontaine, Sidney Bakabella, and "Filthy" Tom during the draft. Find out what they thought of their teams, who had the first overall pick, and who he took. Also, find out who drafted a kicker in the second round!

Just like the Christmas show, we called a bunch of our favorite website personalities, but it didn't come without its glitches. Skype was acting up, so I edited the show down to each of the calls, but note there is also an echo on some of them.

Mainly, it's a bunch of drunk fantasy football owners trying to navigate through Skype while making their own picks. It's far from perfect, but is a fun listen. If you're a fantasy football fan, this glorious mess is for you.

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