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Left My Wallet: 'The Patriot' Del Wilkes


We're in the heart of college football season and "Left My Wallet" returns with "The Patriot" Del Wilkes, one of four consensus All-Americans in the history of South Carolina football.

We talk about the outstanding recruiting class his alma mater has coming in, national college football signing day and how it was for him, the differences in recruiting from when he played to today, and what it's going to take for South Carolina to return atop the SEC standings.

Del then gives his predictions for the BCS playoffs and which team he begrudgingly thinks will win. He also talks about the difference in skill it takes to go from high school to college and college to the pros, some of the toughest defensive players to guard, and what it was like to line up against Lawrence Taylor.

He also talks about his time as a consensus All-American, what it meant for him to appear on Bob Hope's Christmas Special, meeting the man himself, and which players weren't too thrilled to be bothered by being on the show. 

We all know The Patriot from Global, WCW, All Japan, and WWF, but now get to know the side of the man who was a dominating force for South Carolina football in the early 80s.

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