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Left My Wallet: Planet Promise with Sidney Bakabella & Mikey Adams


'Left My Wallet' returns with a multi-guest episode as I'm joined by manager extraordinaire and Wrestling Observer Live favorite Sidney Bakabella and then Boston sports radio personality and former WEEI host Mike Adams.

We kick off with Mike Sempervive's favorite manager to talk his Chicago Bears, the Super Bowl, the halftime show, his car phone, booking fees, and more crazy stories from this colorful throwback manager.

Then, we talk to Adams who is one of my all-time favorite sports broadcasters and a mainstay in New England sports talk for over 30 years. Mikey was a host on WEEI, the most popular sports talk station in the country, and was a front runner as one of the first comedic, charismatic sports anchors long before it became cliched with cookie cutter ESPN personalities. 

He had his own sports and variety show in New England through the 90s and had many of the Attitude Era's biggest stars on that show during the Monday Night Wars. Mikey tells of the time he had a young Rocky Maivia in studio and the presence he had before he broke out as The Rock. Listen to stories about the Undertaker and Paul Bearer in studio and in-character interviews with George "The Animal" Steele, Tony Atlas, Scott Hall and X-Pac, the cast of the Love Boat and more. We also talk crazy stories about Dwight Evans, "Spaceman" Bill Lee,  and so many extremely entertaining stories.

Enjoy this eclectic mix of sports, wrestling, and comedy!

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