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Left My Wallet: The positively unstoppable Diamond Dallas Page


"Left My Wallet" is back with WWE Hall of Famer and creator of DDP Yoga, Diamond Dallas Page.

Dallas is a huge sports fan, so we discussed the NFL championship games from Sunday, his thoughts on the officiating, Tony Romo playing Nostradamus on commentary, how he got the name "Dallas", his love of the Dallas Cowboys, and who he was a fan of as a kid. We also talk about his friendship with Rams running back and All-Pro Todd Gurley, how they met, and their friendship.

We then get into Dallas's new book, "Positively Unstoppable: The Art of Owning It" and what led to him writing it. Of course, we talked about DDP Yoga and the changes it has made in my life in the short time I have used it, and the life changing event that happened to him when he was 12 years old.

Finally, Dallas talks about his "first" career in wrestling that not many know about where he had four matches in 1979. We talk about how that came about, what led to him stopping, and what brought him back to the squared circle.

Take a listen and feel...the...BANG!

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