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Left My Wallet: Priscilla Kelly on that controversial spot


"Left My Wallet" is back with one of the most talked about names in professional wrestling over the last 48 hours: Priscilla Kelly.

She is one of the top female performers on the independent scene and has a remarkable body of in-ring work that includes an appearance in the Mae Young Classic, tours of Japan, appearances for EVOLVE, and so much more.

However, on Saturday night, she became a trending topic on social media for another reason as a video from one of her matches last week went viral for a spot that she did that has caused much divide within the wrestling community. Many have come to the young performer's defense and I wanted to hear her take on the situation and give her a chance to address what happened, as well as the people who have criticized her and praised her.

Priscilla is an extremely talented worker who gives her side of the story on one of the hottest topics in wrestling at the moment. Click below to listen.

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